SOW Olive Wood Chips Nº1.5

SOW Walnut Wood Chips Nº1.5

DescriptionMade from selected natural olive root stock. Strong smoke intensity. Smoking wood chips for a mild, Mediterranean flavour and scent of olive wood smoke. Special size for SMOKING GUN.
Use for
  • Common smoke generators like the smoking gun.
  • Electric/gas powered smokers, including those with transport snake. These smokers have a sieve, but dust can go through it and pollute the food. For this reason it’s very important to use our size Nº1.5, as dust is removed, therefore it can be safely used in this kind of smoke generators.
Suitable forPork, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables.
Product NºV1.5-01-0.3L
 Best use
  • Fill the sieve of your smoke generator up to 3/4 full.
  • Turn on your smoke generator.
  • Fire up the chips. For example,  with a lighter.
  • Check in the instructions of your smoke generator how many seconds you can create smoke so you don’t damage the smoke generator.
  • Clean the filter of your smoke generator after each use!