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During a stay in Andalusia, we were introduced to the delicious taste of meat, fish and vegetables, prepared on an olive wood fire. A wonderful holiday feeling, beach restaurants preparing their BBQ grills in the late morning, lighting the olive wood fire with dried citrus fruits, sending a wonderful smoke scent along the beach with the light summer breeze…

Back home, we absolutely wanted to get our hands on some olive wood to relive the good times. Alas, we found, it was rather hard to come by. Except in Spain of course! So we brought our olive wood directly from Spain, and as we’re at it, we decided to provide it to other BBQ lovers as well, in different sizes, and share this wonderful, sweet, aromatic taste.

Stéphane Pover

Stéphane Pover

Key Account Manager

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Stéphane is a man of conviction. He loves cooking and BBQing and tries all new recipes he can find, always on the lookout for new ideas. Stephane is always there for your questions, ideas and suggestions related to our product, its best use, and of course your partnership with Smokey Olive Wood.

Wolfram Weiss

Wolfram Weiss

Purchasing Manager

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Wolfram initiated Smokey Olive Wood. He is our olive wood expert, and he’s got many years of experience of smoking with olive wood under his belt. If you have any specific question regarding the use of olive wood, this is the person to contact. Wolfram will be happy to help you.

Tino Berninger

Tino Berninger

Sales Manager

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With any question regarding buying our wood in bulk, you may contact Tino. Tino will help you with all subjects related to transportation, delivery times, deliveries outside of Europe, and putting together the best order for your store.

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