Smokey Olive Wood Fire Spices Smoking Chips Smoker BBQ Grill

Smokey Olive Wood Fire Spices

DescriptionOriental-Mediterranean mix of spices. They do harmonize as well with sweetish smoking woods, like olive, cherry or hickory. The fresh scent of rosemary and juniper, rounded up with licorice, mix nicely with the smokey fumes of the olive wood.
Use withIdeal for use with all common grills, BBQs and smokers. Add Fire Spices to the smoking wood chips or chunks, and they will complement the fine wood smoke with a surprising, fresh oriental note.
Suitable forPork, poultry, fish, beef, lamb, vegetables
Product NºF-01-0.3L
 Best use
  •  Wrap a handful of Smokey Olive Wood Fire Spices in a piece of aluminum foil, leaving both ends open
  • Place the aluminum foil with the Smokey Olive Wood Fire Spices on your hot charcoal, lava rocks, or the electric heating of your BBQ, grill or smoker
  • Once the Olive Wood Fire Spices start emitting smoke, place your grill goods on the grill