SOW Fire Spices Nº2


DescriptionOriental-mediterranean mix of olive wood with fire spices. Made from selected natural olive root stock and fire spices. The fresh scent of rosemary and juniper, rounded up with liquorice, mix with the sweet smokey fumes of the olive wood. Strong smoke intensity.
Grain size: 5 mm – 1 cm.
Use withIdeal for use with all common grills, BBQs and smokers.
Suitable forPork, poultry, fish, beef, lamb, vegetables
Product NºFV2-01-0.5L
Best use
  • Wrap a hand full of the product in a sheet of aluminum foil
  • With a sharp knife, make holes into the aluminum cover, allowing the smoke to escape
  • Place the aluminum foil with the product on your hot BBQ
  • When it starts smoking, place your grill goods upon the BBQ