SOW EZ-Smoker Avocado Wood Smoking Chips Nº2

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DescriptionMade from selected natural avocado tree wood. Strong smoke intensity. Enhances food with green umami flavour of avocado wood smoke.
Content400 ml
Use instructions “• Drain the water and cover the EZ-Smoker with aluminium foil. With a sharp knife, make some perforations in the foil cover, which will allow the smoke to escape.
• Place the foil wrap over the hot coals, lava rocks or electric heater of your barbecue, grill or smoker.
• When the mixture begins to smoke, place the food on the grill.
• The EZ-Smoker will generate smoke for 20 to 30 minutes.”
Suitable forBeef, cheese, venison and vegetables.
Product NºE2-01-0.4E
 Best useFor use in charcoal- or gas grills and smokers.