SOW EZ-Smoker Almond Wood Nº2

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DescriptionMade from selected almond wood. Strong smoke intensity. Enhances food with the typical, fine, mild, sweetish, nutty flavor of almond wood smoke. Grain size: 0,5 -1 cm
Use forIdeal for use with all common grills, BBQs and smokers.
Suitable forPork, poultry, beef, lamb
Product NºA2-01-0.4E
 Best use• Pour off the remaining liquid
• Cover the EZ-Smoker with a sheet of aluminum foil
• With a sharp knife, make holes into the aluminum cover, allowing the smoke to escape
• Place the EZ-Smoker on your hot BBQ
• When it starts smoking, place your grill goods upon the BBQ and close the lid
• The EZ-Smoker will produce smoke for approx. 25 minutes, which is sufficient for most grill goods. For exceptionally large pieces of meat, you may repeat the smoking procedure after a break of 30 minutes.